In these sections I have tried to describe some of the techniques I use on my models.

Some of the tutorials are excerpts from critiques and other posts that I have written as part of the online miniature painting community in various forums. Others are brand new written to describe some painting or modelling project at hand or perhaps to formulate some thoughts on the newest trend in the hobby.

Paints and brushes


Painting metallics

Painting black

Setting the mood of a miniature

Transporting your precious miniatures

Chaos Warrior Step-by-Step guide
- also featuring mini-tutorials on painting red horns, leather, grey cloth, fur, and armour.

Another way to paint grey cloth

Painting (human) skin

Painting Chaos shields

Presentation bases for models on round 25 mm bases

Creating a Classic Fantasy Base

Since the English version of the tutorials is the one I personally update, the French versions presented here might be slightly different as they await translation.

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