Setting the Mood of a Miniature

The following technique demonstrates how to create a special overall "mood" in the painting of your miniatures.

The actual painting tip is quite simple and straightforward: "Try adding a tiny drop of the same colour to all the different colours you use on a model" - explanation will follow.

I used the technique thoroughly on my Prince Tyrion model, which took the Slayer Sword in the UK Golden Demon 1999, using purple on every area except the base. The idea is to create a suiting mood for the figure - an overall glow in the depts of the shadows, which ties together all the different colours on the model forming a strong, singular, and "whole" expression. A special "mood".

On the above mentioned Tyrion model I added purple to the light shade for the white steed; I shaded the gold with purple, the dark blue cloak as well. Even the steed's mane and tail had purple added in the colour mixed for shading. In fact the only areas without purple are eyes, the feathers on the helmet, and the base. For drybrushing the grass on the base I added some blue to Rotting flesh to create a cold and frosty look, and for the final drybrush I added white to this mix.

Tyrion is one of the few model on which I have used the technique all over. Other models which have partially met the technique are my Lord of Change and my Elven Chaos Lord both placing in UK GD 1998. Some more recent models are my Muties Warband (2003) where most areas have been either washed or glazed with Chestnut ink.

-This tutorial is an edited version of my original post which appeared in the MasterclassMiniaturePainters egroup on Sun, 13. Jan. 2002: "[painting tip] Purple ink usual, in an unusual way." Since then it has been available on Craig Stock's site, where it was given the new and more striking title. Thanks Craig.

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