Commissions - currently taking on new projects!

Yes, that's right! For the first time while I have had the website running I am actively taking on new commission projects.
Army commanders, exquisite roleplaying characters, bring'em on...
I have cleaned the working desk so there is indeed room for some new work...

However, as always I can be somewhat selective when taking on commissioned work. I need to like the model to do a superb job.
Therefore I only accept commissions where I have a chance of doing a great job for people who really appreciate my efforts.

Pricing guidelines
Prices are set individually from commission to commission depending on the character and size of the job at hand.

A rough priceguide goes like this:
- Single models: 180 +
- Mounted models: 300 +
- Larger models: 400 +
- Conversions obviously increase the prices.

Prices does not include the cost of the actual miniatures and shipping expences. Furthermore, I would like to note that I prefer ensured shipping both for my own but certainly also for the customer's sake. If you are interested in more details on a specific project you want to have created, email me.

For Sale
Astropath: 80.
Navigator: 80.
Necromunda Escher ganger: 100.
Frodo Baggins: 100.
Converted Enforcer Barbaretta: 220.
Mad Donna Ulanti: 200.
Mounted High Elf Noble: 250.
- prices does NOT include shipping.

Ethical Aggreement
Every now and again we see problems with individuals entering painting competitions with models that they have bought and not painted themselves. I expect that people purchasing miniatures from me will: Respect my artistic rights; not enter my models into competitions or similar events; and not claim my works as their own.

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