This site is dedicated to painting and converting miniature figures.
The Gallery is the center of the site displaying my painted miniatures - including two Golden Demon Slayer Sword winners and my Crystal Brush Duchess Death Project.
The site also has a Tutorials and Essay section, but my day-to-day writings on the hobby and my project is found on my blog.

- Jakob Rune Nielsen


September 23rd 2014: A few additions to the gallery: An all-time classic Naugty Night Goblin raising a particular finger to enemy, an awsome Dwarf Runelord from early 2014, a Tempestus Scion Trooper and finally an old-school Techmarine painted up in a yellow colour scheme.

April 3rd 2014: News on my booklet, POST-CENTAUR PAINTING, is up on my

April 2nd 2014: Alright, what just happened? Well, I suppose life happened. I haven't updated this website for quite a while. However, I have continued producing stuff in the miniature painting hobby. The neglect of this site is mostly due to the fact that I started a blog, Since moving into the blog-sphere I have treated this website as a kind of gallery/back-catalogue of my work.

I would love to give the various websites of mine a really big overhaul integrating them all, but that would take time away from painting miniatures. Not a scenario that I would like. The plan will probably be to change this site into just a gallery and then keep the new models, WIPs, and random stuff on the blog.

Oh, and then there is something about a booklet...

November 15th 2011: Grumlok and Gazbag, a huge Warhammer Online collector's model painted up and added to the Gallery.
The model has also been added to my CMON-Gallery:

November 7th 2011: Started doing a little writing somewhere else...

October 20th 2011: Desktop-shot of the Week updated: A bizarre mix of projects...

October 12th 2011: Desktop-shot of the Week updated: More work on the big orc...

October 4th 2011: Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Trouble on the mini-cabinet shelf...

September 28th 2011: Two bits of News...

First up, back in April 2011 I was interviewed by RHQ TV at Adepticon where I entered the Crystal Brush Awards. Both Gavin and Andrew, who run this "hobby-web-TV-channel" were fantastic people and I had a great time talking to them both during the actual interview and at other times during the weekend in Chicago. About 17 mins hobby-talk on miniatures, concepts, sketching, and painting competitions. The sound goes off for about 30 seconds or so but apart from that I think it looks and sounds great.

About a month ago Michal Machowski asked me if I had heard about the competition Hussar in Poland and invited me to attend. Now, I had to pass the invitation, but having browsed the Event's website I wanted to draw attention to it here. Looks really cool, and sounds as if there is a great and friendly atmosphere there. So if you're in Poland or nearby, then do remember to check it out.

September 20th 2011: Desktop-shot of the Week updated: My Pimp-my-wizard-40K figure is finished and doing battle along with some old friends.

September 6th 2011: Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Painting my Pimp-my-wizard-40K figure - some colours blocked in other with shading. Nothing finished yet though.

Metallics done on the orc.

September 1st 2011: Desktop-shot of the Week updated: My Pimp-my-wizard-40K model, a deathcult lady gone mechano-mad is finally primed and ready brushwork. Deadline is September 10th. Also skin of a recent orc project is done...

Still taking commissions btw.

August 24th 2011: The transition from plastic sorcerers into 40K deathcult lady is almost done!
Desktop-shot of the Week updated showing the conversion so far. Painting should start soon....

August 9th 2011: Open for commissions!
My schedule is again open to accept commissions - Army commanders, exquisite roleplaying characters, bring'em on...
So if you want a classic JRN paintjob in your collection, then head over to the Commission-section and have a look.
Or you could simply drop me an email and tell me what you are after and we will take it from there.

July 12th 2011: Planning to convert the new brilliant Chaos plastic sorcerers into 40K characters!
Desktop-shot of the Week updated showing a little of my plan...

July 2nd 2011: Another go at the classic Death Company colour scheme - another Death Company Space Marine painted up.

June 3rd 2011: Added a new link to the link section: Crooked Eye Studios - the website of Zach Lanier and Todd Swanson.
Both great painters who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Crystal Brush Awards in Chicago. Great people, great painters, and they do have some very nice minis on their website too. So check it out.

May 22nd 2011: New projects. Not competition stuff. Just stuff for pure hobby-fun!
Desktop-shot of the Week updated...

May 3rd 2011: LITTLE KNIGHT
My latest Runic Miniatures sculpt and paintjob: a Little Knight to go along on adventures with the Little Princess.
Created for fun and fast painting I actually managed to paint the model in less than 3 hours. Simple and easy. Now, what model to do next...?

If you feel like painting one of these Little Characters then have a look at the Runic Miniatures website through the link above for prices and ordering details.
Finally, Little Knight has been added to my CMON-gallery:

May 1st 2011: Crystal Brush project on CMON
I have finally taken the time to add Duchess Death, my insane mechanical undead centaur to my CoolMiniOrNot-gallery:
So not you can vote again and add comments as well. Thanks.

April 11th 2011: WOW! What a journey!

Having been back a week now, the many impressions from my weekend in Chicago has begun to settle in. A long weekend of looking at miniatures, talking and teaching about miniatures, and making new friends within the hobby.

Lots of meetings with people that I have corresponded with over the years... or simply heard about. Jenifer Haley, Marike Reimer Todd Swanson, Zach Lanier, Bennett Blalock-Doome, Rick Taylor, Alfonso, Dave Taylor, Chris Borer, Mathieu Fontaine, David Diamondstone, James and Cathy Wappel, the crew from RHQ-tv, Chern and David of CMON, and Mike McVey. Plus a lot more enthusiastic hobbyists who made the weekend most enjoyable. I was so pleased to meet you all, and I really felt very welcome. Thanks.

On Friday evening and Saturday morning and afternoon I was teaching classes and had a great time doing so. I saw lots of "so-this-is-how-it's-done!"- and "Wow-it-really-worked!"-expressions, and I hope the people who took my classes has taken home some good tricks and tips for their future painting projects.

Sunday late afternoon had the Crystal Brush Award Ceremony, but before that I went into Chicago to feel the big city, the buildings, and was blown away by a portrait by Rembrandt in the Art Museum. All thoughts vanished while I just stared at the canvas. Fantastic.

The Crystal Brush Awards 1.0 proved a great start for the competition. The top entries were great models, and although there were a few weak categories in regards to the number of entries, I am sure that this will not be the case next year. Congratulations again to Marike for placing number 1 overall. I loved her model, and felt good about placing second to that.

Will I go again? I would love to! Will I take the time? Depends on many things.
The great thing that I really enjoyed about Crystal Brush was the fact that they had teamed up with a very dedicated gaming con, Adepticon. Getting the chance to teach, and meet a lot of the American painters was my reason to go. Another reason was that I believed that I had the right "calibre" project for the competition.

Now I will take a few weeks to let the impressions settle further, and start working on a few less time-consuming project for a while. But I DO have ideas for another complex project...

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

March 31st 2011: The coming weekend of April 1st to April 4th is Crystal Brush weekend!
If you want to see the whole creating process for my entry check out my project documentation.

I also made three little videos presenting the project:
Early mock-up testing the baseing principle.
Final model - short version (about 4MB), and
Final Model - long version (about 10 MB).

Voting goes on this weekend - have a look at and see how it all works. No one really knows yet so it will be quite interesting.

March 3rd 2011: Just as I have done for X-mas I am counting down to the major mini-painting event in Spring, the CRYSTAL BRUSH PAINTING COMPETITION. From today I will try to present you bits from the project process, and with less than a month to the event there is yet a lot to do. For the first updates I will be showing updates from February, but I am sure that the images from the recent past will soon catch up with reality...
Today's Crystal Brush count-down: One of the main part for my project - a limited edition model, GallowGlass, ready for the various hobby tools...

February 22nd 2011: ADEPTICON UPDATE!
Adepticon is coming, and so is the CRYSTAL BRUSH PAINTING COMPETITION, as well as the deadline for my painting project for the competition. I really look forward to seeing the convention, meeting loads of people, and seeing lots and lots of fantastic miniatures.

I will also be teaching classes. I have prepaired 2 classes - one os a quick and dirty practice session where everyone paints a Space Marine helmet to PERFECTION within 2 hours. The other class is a discussion based seminar where I talk about my project-process and show a bunch of images about choosing ideas, making crucial design-choices, deciding on colours, and so on. The seminars can be seen on the Adepticon's Hobby senimar page.

Updates on my competition project will follow in the beginning of March, so stay tuned!

January 10th 2010: HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Showing lots of GD-projects from the past...
I dug out all the previous GD-projects that I still have in my own collection (save the Chaos army from 1998, which would really distort the look of the picture). Why? Well, I got to decide which ones are going to the States in April. After some time pondering the idea I have decided to travel to the Crystal Brush Competition at Adepticon in Chicago! I have started my project, which will incorperate elements like those in my duel entries, a classic JRN-colour scheme, and an interesting touch of surprise. I am dead excited about the project and I hope you will like it also! I'll also be teaching some classes and I really look forward to this since I love this part of the hobby - meeting new people and sharing thoughts and skills.
Happy Painting!

December 24th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Well, Merry X-mas to all. Today I show the goal of the project. It isn't finished, but it is a good head start for a 2011-project!

December 23rd 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Well, some work done on the third crew member and the previous model finished (except base)...
Tomorrow I will show what kind of project the models are for...

December 22nd 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: A new crew member is ready for more paint...

December 21st 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: The soldier is almost done...

December 20th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: The red is done. Next up is the leather and yellow...

December 19th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Skin is about right and the red has been given the first treatment.

December 18th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Next model ready. A crew matching the colours of the commander - but only half finished...

December 17th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Done for now. I am leaving the mounted commander and grabbing another half-painted crew member tomorrow... Final details will be adjusted when I have the whole group finished...

December 16th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Horse nearly done - left to do is some work on the rider...

December 15th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Some work on the horse's skin. Not quite there yet, but it is moving in the right direction...

December 14th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Working on the leather and gold.

December 13th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Barding for the horse about right...

December 12th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: More random work on the commander. Somhow I think I need to tune myself into the right look of the model. So a little paint here and some there. Rather random. But it IS progress none the less.

December 11th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Flesh and beard on the imperial mounted mortar commander. Plus some work on the horse. Sorry for the delayed upload...

December 10th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: A new project for the next few evenings... or rather an old project, a project started in 2006, but it naver made it all the way. Well, I am giving this imperial mounted mortar commander another go...

December 9th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: The standardbearer is finished and ready to see combat...

December 8th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: The gem on the staff is changed to blue. I hope to finish the standardbearer tomorrow...

December 7th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: More work on the Wood Elf standardbearer.

December 6th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Working on hair and gold on the WE standardbearer.

I also found the time to upload my WE Glade Rider to CMON:

December 5th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Progress on my Wood Elf standardbearer - Kaya Stormwitch.

December 4th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Started painting Kaya Stormwitch - a wood elf model of reknown from around 1990...

December 3rd 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Glader Rider done and photographed!

December 2nd 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Started working on the elf...

December 1st 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Glade Rider horse about finished.
I haven't decided on (or against) doing a full-blown X-mas count down, but I think I will settle to see if I can get some hobbystuff done every evening...

November 30th 2010: Monster Cave!
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Denmark seldom gets lots of snow, but last week was an exception it seems.
So in the weekend I created a daemon face in the snow.

November 29th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Progress on the Glade Rider horse.

November 27th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: First pic of a Wood elf Glade Rider. Well, first shot of the horse actually.

November 24th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Night Goblin Shaman done - and added to the gallery.
I also uploaded the Shaman to CMON:

November 22nd 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Night Goblin Shaman is more than halfway done already!

November 19th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Next project... a Night Goblin Shaman.

November 17th 2010: The Eldar Ranger is photographed and added to the gallery.
Also, I uploaded him to CMON:

November 16th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: The Eldar scout is done.

November 10th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Progress on the Eldar scout....

November 8th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Started a few little projects... First, an eldar scout about the be hit by the primer...

October 29th 2010: Open for commissions!
For the first time I am opening up to accept commissions - Army commanders, exquisite roleplaying characters, bring'em on...
So if you want a classic JRN paintjob in your collection, then head over to the Commission-section and have a look.
Or you could simply drop me an email and tell me what you are after and we will take it from there.

October 21st 2010:
Colours are back to normal. I like the new princess paint job, but I cannot see the site wearing blue anymore...
So, back to dark red!

Also, The Little Princess has been uploaded to my CoolMiniOrNot-gallery:

October 15th 2010: LITTLE PRINCESS
Here is my latest paintjob - also my latest sculpt: Little Princess is a very personal project involving time spent talking about miniatures and fairytales with my 6-years-old daughter. It is also the first sculpt for quite a while for Runic Miniatures, where it has just been added to the webstore.

A central goals for the design process was to make a mini that would be easy to paint with big facial features and a simple yet fun design.
Another goal was to just enjoy the hobby and sculpt what I felt like sculpting...
I hope you like the little princess.

October 14th 2010: New Sculpt - New Look!
At least for a few days more I am keeping the sky-blue look on my site to celebrate my recent sculpt as featured on the top logo.
More pics of the little princess will go up soon and she should shortly be available in the Runic Miniatures' webstore.
Stay tuned...

October 4th 2010: Death Company Marine in the gallery
I have finally taken photos of my GD entry - Death Company Space Marine in =I= scale.
The Marine in my CMON-gallery: As a Death Company Marine the model was the classic pallette of Black, red, white plus metallics. I made this Marine specifically as a hommage to the art of John Blanche who has been a great inspiration for more than a decade. Thanks.

September 28th 2010: Golden Demon UK
Entered the Open Category entry this year, failed to place, but I damn proud of the mini anyway.
Big congrats to the winners!

September 23rd 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: The princess suddenly finds herself in a scary place...

August 23rd 2010
New paintjob - a classic Night Goblin Champion from the early 1990s. I painted him for a friend and tried to go for a muted and rather subtle colour scheme - with almost no use of red!The gobbo in my CMON-gallery:

July 11th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: More work on the princess...

June 30th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Managed to do two short sessions of sculpting... toad and left hand/arm on the princess almost done...

June 16th 2010: Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated with more work on my current GS projects...

June 12th 2010: A new model in the gallery: Roggus the Fake King painted for a good friend in Lyon.
As usual I also added the model to my CMON-Gallery:

June 2nd 2010: Finally some updates worthy of interest.
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated showing a few WIP greens. More work on these soon...

November 10th 2009: Charity Painting competition by WAMP forum
The WAMP forum is arranging a BIG painting competition to raise money forTommy's - a charity that helps prevent miscarriages and stillbirth.
An honourably project I think, so head over and check out how you can enter the competition at the WAMP forum.

September 27th 2009: GDUK
Congratulations to the winners. Here is my own entry, Radagast the Brown, which took bronze.

Added Radagast to my CMON-Gallery:

May 28th 2009
A small update and news. Finished about 2 months ago, here is a really old Chaos Warrior.

...Also, the past months has been a rather quiet period on the site, but there is a great reason: I am now the proud father of 3 children - the last one born in early April.
I still have great plans for GD but there is little time for anything else at the moment...

April 14th 2009
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Old School Chaos Warrior WIP - I love these old minis. I only have a few bits left on the warrior plus some work on the base...

April 9th 2009
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Gardening can surely be hobby-related!

March 1st 2009
New model in the Gallery: A conversion that I decided to call Skull Girl.
Creating her was a "just for fun"-project that I did during X-mas last year.
Uploaded her to CMON this morning:

February 15th 2009
Photographed one of my latest minis - an Imperial Guard Veteran painted mostly for fun and to practice using a liquid masking product from Vallejo.
As usual I have uploaded him to CMON:

February 6th 2009
Tutorial on making a classic fantasy base is finally finished.
I have also added the finished Freelance Knight to the Gallery, and uploaded him to my CMON-gallery:

February 2nd 2009: I have gotten through the first stage of a tutorial on making a classic fantasy base with lots of grass, flowers and roots just like on my Empire Gold Wizard.
I'll be working on the tutorial the rest of the week and bring you updates as often as possible...

January 25th 2009
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: A quick paintjob - I managed to finish the model I started last night in one go!

January 24th 2009
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: A little test-project with liquid masking to create battle-damaged armour...

December 31st 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Happy New Year to all with a picture of my miniature cabinet in the living room...

December 24th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Merry X-mas! Plus progress on Teclis naturally...

December 23rd 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Shoulder armour finished at the sculpting stage, now it is just paint, paint, paint...

December 22nd 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: A late update... Glazed the cloak and started on the freehand...

December 21st 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Sculpted the first additional details and added a purple shade to several areas...

December 20th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: The finished paintjob: This is how Teclis looked when I took him to the UKGD... CMON-link:

However, this was in fact only a 31 hours paintjob... and I (plus a bunch of my friends) thought that he really deserved some more attention - freehand, subtler shades, etcetera. Therefore the rest of the X-mas count-down will show how I went to business to improve the figure...

December 19th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Gems and stuff...

December 18th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Focus is shifted toward the metallics...

December 17th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: The face is about right...

December 16th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Prepairing the display base for transportation...

December 15th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Beginning to work on the cloak...

December 14th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: The first painting session!

December 13th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: The sculpting is done and Teclis is ready for the primer! I also uploaded the finished sculpt to CMON:

December 12th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Started on building the base - not the model itself is completely finished yet...

December 11th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: The pose is slowly getting there!

December 10th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Playing around with the model...alternative combat pose!

December 9th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Headgear and shoulder-armour done..

December 8th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: The cape is getting there...

December 7th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Added some detail to the helmet plus a few other bits...

December 6th 2008
After a year (!) without updates on the Runic Miniatures website I have creates 2 favourable batch offers - a goblin offer containing 3 goblins, and a Big batch including 6 figures. In regards to general news about the line I have another goblin design about half finished, but overall - I am moving my hobby business towards commission jobs and the odd design work.

Also, Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Work on helmet and cloak...

December 5th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Basic shape for the helmet and an idea for an alternative pose...

December 4th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: A good start with a few modelling sessions...

December 3rd 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: The mock-up is cut-up! Trimmed to form the basic shape for my conversion...

December 2nd 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Day updated: Teclis mock-up!

December 1st 2008: JRN's X-mas count-down
This December I am showing the creation of my Teclis, which I brought to GDUK'08 (came to the finals, but did not place in top 3). During the summer I took WIP-pics of the model all the time and now - to finish the project properly - I will add the details I didn't have time to do back in September.

The first Desktopshot-of-the-Day shows my initial projects sketch... Enjoy!

Also, I just managed to finish this Death Company Space Marine, which can be found in the Gallery. CMON-link:

November 25th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: The Space Marine is well on his way...

November 6th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: A Space Marine primed up...

November 4th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Started working on a tutorial on fantasy bases...

October 31th 2008 - HALLOWEEN!
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: Season greetings with two pumpkins!

October 27th 2008
Gallery update: I finished the Empire Gold Wizard that I have worked on recently. My favorite part of the model is the base which I think adds a nice visual gesture towards the art of John Blanche. Also, I uploaded the Wizard to my CMON-gallery:

October 11th 2008
Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated: More work on the plastic empire wizard...

October 5th 2008
Started a plastic empire wizard - this kit is really great. Lots of interesting parts. Desktopshot-of-the-Week updated...

September 17th 2008
Well, I'm back from Golden Demon UK. The Desktop-shot shows the look of my painting table after a straight 10 hours painting session before the plane to Birmingham!

September 4th 2008
"What has Jakob been doing all summer?" Not much.... current Desktop-shot ...

June 23rd 2008
New model in the gallery - a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer of Tzeentch. I have always loved this mini and finally found time, energy, and a good colour scheme for him.
Also, CMON-link for paintjob:

June 18th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Chaos Dwarf with OSL almost done...

June 8th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: A box from mail order + WIP of the classic Teclis model.

May 27th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Practicing Object Scource Lighting!

May 14th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: I have finally started my entry for the Golden Chef painting competition arranged by Black Scorpion Miniatures. Deadline is Friday this week so it will be tight, but then again it is cool to support the competition nevertheless...

May 6th 2008
Finally, a new paintjob an Empire Warrior Priest whoose radical pursuit of heretics seems to take him on a path toward unhealthy bloodlust and the chaos powers.
Also, CMON-link for paintjob:

April 23rd 2008 - Salute Weekend 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Went over to Salute to check out the event mainly to see some of the smaller manufacturers and merchants in the industry. And to see a few friends. A short report in the Desktop-shot section...

April 16th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Getting ready for Salute in London; a close-up of the figurcase...

April 2nd 2008
My good friend Steve Buddle has relaunched his Spyglass Miniatures - with sneak peak section and all.
Go take a look!

March 23rd 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: New projects - pre-primer...

March 21st 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Warrior Priest - weathering/combat carnage left to do...

March 11th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Basing up the Warrior Priest...

March 6th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: I have started painting the flesh on the Warrior Priest. Also, I cleaned up the classic Teclis model from 1993 (or so) using a tutorial written by Stebastian Archer. WOW! It actually does tell if you wash the model carefully with soap. Never though that would do much, but it certainly shows!

February 22nd 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: More work on the Empire Warrior Priest - about halfway there, I guess...

February 18th 2008
Updaded the Link-section adding the Arjay's Land ofthe Diminutive and Guild of Harmony - both sites show extraordinary artists and skills!
I have also managed to find time to rephotograph my Chaos Giant painted back in 2003.
I also uploaded him to CMON:

February 7th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Started painting an Empire Warrior Priest....

February 4th 2008
Painted some classic old night goblin models recently and really enjoyed working on them. I have uploaded pictures of the 3 little guys to CMON:

January 29th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: 3 Gobbos almost done and an Empire Warrior Priest started...

January 15th 2008
Desktop-shot of the Week updated: Two gobbos halfway painted and a WIP-green...
Oh, and I added Ragny Toadbreath to the gallery.

Older news - see the Archived News section.

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