Desktop of the Week - Thursday September 17th 2008 - Post-GD considerations...

Well, this is what the painting desk looked like after a straight 10 hours painting session trying the get my piece finished. However, a few of my buddies opposed to the model being properly finished which in the end did show on the day, where my model came to the finals but failed to place. Not that another 10 hours might have done it - the winning pieces were all beautifully painted. Congratz for your well-deserved demons!

That said - having almost fully sculpted my piece I willtake the time during the winther to really finish him painting in the stuff that I didn't had the time to do. Overall, bad planning from my side, but also great mini-painting from others and somehow it might be healthy for an old dog like me to get some pointers to shape up now and again.

I'll practice.. and I'll be back :-)

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