Selected Biography for Jakob Rune Nielsen

2011 - Adepticon and Crystal Brush Awards 2011, Chicago:
Gold in Fantasy/Steampunk large model and 1st Runner up for Best of Show - Duchess Death.
Seminars: "From Concept to Completion - JRN's project process" and "Paint your very Best - by practicing on a Space Marine Helmet".

2010 - Golden Demon UK: Finalist in the Open Competition - =I= scale Death Company Space Marine Veteran.

2009 - Golden Demon UK: 3rd Lord of the Rings single model - Radagast the Brown.

2008 - Golden Demon UK: Finalist in WFB single model - Teclis.

2007 - Guest of Honour at RoPeCon in Helsinki, Finland. Did a seminar on competition painting and modelling, and participated in the judging of RoPeCon's painting competition.

2006 - Golden Demon UK: 3rd WFB monster - Ogre Maneater conversion, 2nd Large Scale model - Missionary Judge.

2006 - Master Degree in Art History and Multimedia.

2005 - Golden Demon UK: 2nd W40K single model - Adeptus Custode Guard, 1st W40K squad - Kroot Mercenaries.

2003 - Golden Demon UK: 1st Warhammer Regiment and Slayer Sword - Chaos Cavalry of Nurgle.

2003 - Bachelor Degree in Art History.

2002 - Golden Demon UK: 1st W40K single model - Armoured Inquisitor, 2nd Duel - "Between Dimensions", 1st Large scale model - Imperial Rogue.

2001 - Golden Demon UK: 1st Duel - "Panther Hunt".

2000 - Golden Demon UK: 1st W40K single model - Mercenary Captain, 2nd WFB single model - Orc Warlord.

1999 - Golden Demon UK: 3rd W40K single model - Imperial Missionary, 1st WFB single model and Slayer Sword - Prince Tyrion, 2nd Battle scene - Daemon Battle.

1998 - Golden Demon UK: 1st WFB single model - Elven Chaos Lord, 1st WFB monster - Lord of Change, Open Competition - Chaos Army.

1998 - moved back to Denmark and began studying Art History at Aarhus University.

1997 - applied successfully for a job as 'Eavy Metal painter and worked in Games Workshop's Design Studio in Nottingham from February to December 1997.

1992-1996 - won several local painting competitions.

1992 - my brother got into roleplaying and I painted the miniatures for his characters. I started collecting my own miniatures and was soon introduced to Warhammer Fantasy Battle and began focussing on Citadel Miniatures.

1976 - born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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