The following links are the fora that I browse regularly and various sites (private and commercial) that I like visiting.


Bolter and Chainsword forum
- a Space Marine (both loyalists and chaos) forum with a good modelling section (the part I visit on the site).

- a very popular site where miniatures can be submitted and are judged by the general public.
CMON has its own discussion forum.

The Warhammer Forum
- UK-based forum about GW games and miniatures. I only browse the The Glass Cabinet, which is where painting- and sculpting-related stuff is discussed.

Forum of Doom
- English forum run by and about Heresy, Hasslefree, Black Scorpion, and Eolith Miniatures.
- a Danish gaming and painting forum. Forum
- a Wood Elves forum.

Painting and collecting miniatures

Allan C
- The website of Allan Carrasco. Superb French sculptor and painter... and GD Slayer Sword winner!

Jeremie Bonamant Teboul
- The website of Jérémie Bonamant Teboul. Jérémie is one of the ever hard-working French top painters - a long-time regular at both the French, German, and UK Golden Demon!

Crooked Eye Studios
- website of Zach Lanier and Todd Swanson - great friends and painters from the States.

Cyril Abati
- French multiple Golden Demon winner with a fantastic and distinctive style.

Dragon Forge Design
- The site of multible Golden Demon winner Jeff Wilhelm. Apart from being a great painter, sculptor and scenery man Jeff also produces the nicest wooden display bases.

Guild of Harmony
- website of Sebastian Archer (aka Automaton on CMON), Weisern, and Mark Carlisle. Superb mini-painting and good tutorials.

Destroyer Minis
- The site of Marike Reimer - one of the very best American figure painters with a super-crisp painting style and a lot of work in the industry on her resume. Go' check it out!

The Stuff of Legends
- a site dedicated to showcase every miniature ever produced!

Studio McVey
- website of Aly and Mike McVey. A super-cool website featuring superb mini-painting.

Victoria Lamb
- multiple Golden Demon winner and designer of theatre sets and costumes Victoria Lamb is nothing but a fantastic and admirable artist.


Black Scorpion Miniatures
- good friend and sculptor Adam Clarke's miniature company. Tjeck out his "Desolation Row"-series.

Freebooter Miniatures
- Werner Klocke's miniature company. Lots of great miniatures - in particular some fantastic yet subtle females.

Games Workshop
- responsible for Citadel miniatures which have been my preferred brand of miniatures though my painting carreer.

Hasslefree Miniatures
- Kevin and Sally White's miniature company. A large range with lots of great sculpts. Kevin's models gives me lots of inspiration.

Heresy Miniatures
- multi-part miniatures, monsters, and big "don't-mess-with-me"-barbarians by Andy Foster.

Perry Miniatures
- historical miniatures by the famous Perry Twins.

Reaper Miniatures
- several miniatures ranges with lots of figures.

Runic Miniatures
- my own miniature company!

Wyrd Miniatures
- 'heroic' 32 mm fantasy/SF miniatures.

Miscellaneous links

Tears of Envy
- website of brilliant designer and good friend Tamtam. Check out her flash animations!
- The website of the usability-guru Jakob Nielsen.
- also called "Wiremill Design" produced very nice display bases in Mahogany and Yew in all sorts of shapes. Very nice plinth bases in particular.

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