Imperial Rogue (2002)

Creating this model I was inspired by a particular work of John Blanche, namely the White Dwarf #11 front cover illustration from 1979. The artwork portrays a truely "blanchii" female character, which in my 3d version has been mixed with quotations from the works of American artist Gerald Brom and evolves around a beautiful Brian Nelson sculpt.

Somehow I consider the model a "tour de force" in the interchangeability of the various GW ranges. The model consists of the legs and head of one of the Inquisitor assassin twins, the main upper body is a marine torso and the shoulder pads are from a chaos warrior and a fantasy orc. The backpack is from a Sister of Battle, the banner top from an old 40K ork warlord, and the shotgun and the right hand are from the Uriah Jacobus model and had the blade added.

The parts were assembled little by little and extra sculpted details - in particular the chainmail shirt and the left hand - were added in greenstuff along the way. Finally the model was mounted on a raised position on the base which was decorated with sand, some plastic card, bits from random modelling kits, and two chain wheels from an old alarm clock.

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