Desktop-shot of the Week - Tuesday December 24th 2010

MERRY X-MAS! This is the first shot of the group. A mock-up from about 2003. The idea was to portrait a scene from a battle going on on a feudal world on the borders of the 40K Universe. A mortar and its crew on a slight hill with defensive measure taken and otherwise just doing they job working the big gun. In 2005 I started working on bits of the models and had the crew and most of the Mortar ready in Summer 2006.

But I had not the time nor the enthusiasm for the project back then. I did manage to paint quite a bit on every model, but didn't get them to the finish I wanted. So I put my skills to other projects and finished my Inquisitor Judge for GD.

Current Status: Well, the leader, 1 crew member done, and another well one the way I and quite excited about the project. The colours are in place and I hope to finish the scene over the next few months.

Thanks for following, reading, looking, and browsing my little December project. I'll try and push myself to do more regular updates in the new year, which I expect to be quite busy from the very beginning...

Happy Painting!

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