Kroot Mercenaries (2005) - Colour Scheme

My write-up sheet for my paint combinations and techniques. Obviously there were many times where the colours were changed slightly, but the overall plan was followed carried out more or less. Colours are Citadel unless otherwise staded. "V" stands for Vallejo.

Basecolour - mix Shadow Grey + Desert Yellow + Bleached Bone
Shading - Vallejo Flat brown + purple ink.
Highlights - basecolour + Bleached Bone, then white.

Stomach skin:
Basecolour - Dwarf Flesh + skin mix
Shading -V. Flat Earth + purple ink
Highlights - white to basecolour - 2 highlights

Basecolour - Chaos Black + Scab Red
(Shading - purple ink)
Highlights - Graveyard Earth + Codex Grey, then + Bleached Bone, and finally pure Bleached Bone.

Basecolour - V. Flat Earth
Shading - purple ink + Scorched Brown
Highlights - basecolour + Fortress Grey, then + white.

Golden metals:
Basecolour - Dwarf Bronze + Beaten Copper mix
Shading - purple ink + V. Flat Brown
Highlights - Dwarf Bronze, then a little burnished Gold added, then Mithrill Silver. Humbrol metal 11 as final highlight, and glazes with V. Flat Brown.

Basecolour - Boltgun Metal (+ a little Chaos Black)
Shading - chaos black + purple and green ink
Highlights - boltgun, mithrill silver
Glaze/freehand shading - V. flat brown, V. Mahogany Brown, V. Light Orange.
Final highlights - Humbrol metal 11

Rifle wood-bits:
Basecolour - Chaos Black + Vomit Brown
Shading - Chaos Black + purple ink
Highlights - basecolour + Bleached Bone

Red cloth:
Basecolour - My own red mix (not as bright as Blood Red))
Shading - Dark Flesh + various inks /Chaos Black
Highlights - My own bright red mix, then + Bronzed Flesh
Glaze - Vallejo flat red
Final Highlights - base colour + Fiery Orange + Bleached Bone/white.

Basecolour - Scorched Brown + V. Beasty Brown
Shading - + purple ink, Chaos Black
Highlights - V. Beasty Brown, Bleached Bone - final highlights: Scorched Brown + white.

Basecolour - V. Flat Earth, Flat Brown plus Desert Yellow
Shading - Chestnut, Purple, Chaos Black
Highlights - Desert Yellow + white

White cloth:
Basecolour - Fortress Grey + Bleached Bone
Shading - A little Chaos Black added to basecolour
Highlights - basecolour + white

Cadian gear green:
Basecolour - Vallejo Reflective (green 890)
Shading - browns
Highlights - basecolour + Bleached Bone

The Base:

Basecolour - V. Beasty Brown
Shading - thinned green ink
Highlights - Desert Yellow + Bleached Bone

Shading - thinned PVA glue + a little brown
Highlights - Rotting Flesh

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