Desktop of the Week - Wednesday 23rd 2007

Oh, the doom of the wet-palette - having just finished the orc I have been asked how I painted the flesh...
I use a wet-palette all the time and the good thing about this is that the paint keeps wet for days. The bad thing is that I tend to just mix about all the colours on the palette to get the colour I want. So colour references are quite hard to do...

However, I remember this much: The skin is based on a mix of P3 Khardic Flesh and Vallejo Model color Green Brown (#879). Shading was done adding various colours - adding purple ink, dark browns, and greens to the basecolour. Highlights were done adding a light flesh tone to the basecolour plus some white.

I think this is the best I can do for the description. The orc was a blast to paint - good fun on a really old figure. Also a really tiny figure - probably only half the size of a GW orc... :-)

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