JRN's X-mas count-down: December 24th 2006

Well… finished at last. The Praytorian sculpt from John Blanche's Femme Militant is done and I am really pleased with the way she turned out. Varangii has been photographed and added to the gallery. The other projects from the X-mas count-down are soon to get photographed properly and added to the gallery. Thanks to everyone following the project - it has been great to hear from you in the various threads on the mini-painting-forums and in your emails. I am so glad the count-down was well received. A few descriptive details: The dress on Varangii was painted with a mix of Vallejo Model Color Mahogany Sand + Light Orange, and highlighted adding Buff to the mix. Shading was done by mixing various Vallejo browns and Citadel Purple ink into the basecolour. On Praytorian the robes were painted with a few slightly thinned coats of Citadel Kommando Khaki over white undercoat. This left a semi-transparent coverage and to make things up here I shaded the robes using various mixed of Vallejo light browns and broken yellows, plus Citadel Chestnut and Purple ink. Highlights were using the Vallejo Game Color Bleached Bone with a little Skull White added for the final highlights. And finally the robes were glazed with thinned down Vallejo Model Color English Uniform and as a final touch splashes of gore was added using a mix of Tamiya Clear Red and a little Chaos Black.

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