WIP Chaos Army

At the moment I am working on a Warhammer Chaos Army for a private commissioner. The army is about the same size and composition as my GD UK 1998 Open Competition-winning Chaos Army. However, I plan to paint it in my current style and with an updated imagery that shows my efforts over the years since 1998 and up to now.

The first unit finished is the Chaos hounds.

Second finished entry for the army is the daemon-possessed chariot.

The testmodel for the Warriors and army's sorcerer.

8 warriors finished - 4 to go.

Close up on a front rank Chaos Warrior.

The whole Chaos Warrior unit ready for battle!

Converting the musician for the chaos knights involved using spare drum bits from the Chaos Marauder plastic box.

The Chaos Knight unit is done!

The Chaos Lord is converted and painted!

The Chaos Trolls are done!

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