The site exists to show my enthusiasm for the hobby, to display my miniatures, and to promote my painting ethos.

The contents of www.jrn-works.dk - images and text - are the property of Jakob Rune Nielsen unless stated otherwise. All miniatures featured are painted by Jakob Rune Nielsen unless stated otherwise. Photography is executed by good friend and fellow Dane Stefan Darlan and myself. Please do not reproduce or display without permission.

This site is in no way connected to any of the companies whose models I have painted and feature here. Follow this link for a legal disclaimer concerning the miniatures featured on the site.

Comments, critiques, questions? -email me.

Painting questions...
Please ask your questions in one of the forums described in the links section. I frequent these sites regularly. Furthermore there are many great painters there whose answers are very valuable and indeed worth listening to, and in this way others get the chance to be enlightened by both questions and answers.

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